Commercial Bridge Loan

Our Bridge Loan is crafted to help you effortlessly transition to the next phase of your real estate venture. Whether you’re finalizing a residential property or planning to acquire your next investment, our Bridge Loan is tailored to meet your needs. This financing solution supports the purchase or refinancing of single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and multi-unit properties (up to four units).

Commercial Bridge Financing

Providing short-term, non-recourse bridge and mezzanine loans nationwide on transitional, value-add and event-driven commercial and multifamily real estate.

Program Overview

  • Purpose: Interim financing for completed or nearly completed home inventory
  • Terms (up to): 12 months
  • Loan Amounts:
    • Min Loan Amount: $500,000
    • Max Loan Amount Per Unit: $3,000,000 • Max Loan Amount: $20,000,000
  • Total Units per Loan: Multiple properties per loan allowable if in the s a m ejurisdiction
  • LTC: N/A
  • As Repaired / Improved LTC: < 70%
    Property Type:
    • Single Family
    • Condo
    • 2-4 Unit Properties
    • Townhouses
    Land only not allowed


Seamlessly designed to get you to the next step of your project

Explore our solutions for your commercial or multifamily acquisition, refinance, or recapitalization.


Bridge Loan offer greater versatility over traditional loan structures.


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